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Premier Advisors – We have over 30 years of experience in healthcare sales and marketing. Staffing and Recruiting has been our focus for the last 15 years. Premier Advisors mission is to provide our clients with high quality personalized services that lead to career opportunities and job placement in the healthcare industry.Our vast contacts and regional alliances throughout the United States allows us to connect you with the right company at the right time. In addition, our leadership and management experience in the staffing and recruiting industry with top 100 healthcare firms will help facilitate your search for new career opportunities and advancement. Premier Advisors’ approach is based on a strategic and personalized model of recruitment and placement that provides timely access to career opportunities for our clients by capitalizing on our longstanding credibility and relationships with healthcare firms. The model includes the development of a dynamic and individualized profile based on our clients’ needs, interests, goals, experiences and salary requirements.


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Richard Burns is a highly motivated and talented business professional. He is even a better person of high integrity and compassion. He has mentored and helped many friends find jobs to include myself. The key the Mr. Burns success is his contagious energy and impeccable people skills. He is a winner and has a keen eye for finding other winners. Richard is up to date on the benefits of using technology ; to include social media. Many times one so talented and makes success look easy, and yes Richard can, To his credit his work ethic is a great strength and is a reason for him being a top producer regardless of the industry. I offer my highest respect and endorsement for Mr. Burns.
James Walton retired Abbott Diagnostics VP and current owner of Global Recruiters of Oak Park